Metrics make the

World Go ‘Round

I love stats. Every day, the second thing I do — after coffee — is to review the tracking and analytic results of ongoing marketing campaigns, project efficiency, and more.

Metrics today make it possible to do amazing things, like crafting a conversion funnel strategy that uses pixel tracking to follow a user from social media into your website where they reach an A/B Testing page based on their location and preferences, and their interaction recorded into Analytic software and finally sorted into the CRM for better lead generation capabilities.

That’s powerful.

Or, knowing what percentage of Client Support tickets were successfully resolved within 4 hours and by whom.

Simpler …but equally powerful.

That’s why identifying and engaging on improved metrics in all corners of business is a passion of mine.

Knowledge Base
  • Quality Assurance Processes
  • Project Tracking
  • Closed Project Reporting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Team Efficiency
  • Campaign Adjustments On-the-fly
  • Client Satisfaction Goals
  • Client-friendly Communication
Highlighted Achievement
  • Raised employee efficiency from 35% to 65% billable-hour-usage through improved practices at Vertical Nerve

Smart Targets

for Teams

and Managers

Hitting KPI goals internally and for projects?
Smoother knowledge transfer between divisions?
Translating communication between customer and team?